Bleed for this picture
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This is the official website for Copenhagen based film company BLEED FOR THIS PICTURE - Check it out!

BFTP is short for BLEED FOR THIS PICTURE and is the brand new company behind the upcoming Danish feature film VICTIM OF LOVE starring Danish power house actor RUDI KØHNKE in the role as “CHARLY” - see more on Rudi Køhnke at IMDB

PITCH: CHARLY is looking for his American girlfriend, AMY, who disappeared under mysterious circumstances during a vacation stay at a hotel in Europe. As the police have yet to uncover AMY and the truth about her whereabouts, CHARLY decides to revisit the hotel to finally solve the mystery once and for all.

VICTIM OF LOVE is Danish director Jesper Isaksen’s first feature film, a bloody yet stylish horror-thriller shot on location in Copenhagen & at Fyn in the summer of 2018. It will premiere in November at CPH PIX FILM FESTIVAL 2019 - see more at IMDB

The film is a Danish independent film production funded by BFTP in combination with private investors and various parties such as crowdfunding sites like INDIEGOGO, KICKSTARTER, but also with the support of funds such as DANISH FILM DIRECTORS etc. The budget is a mere 65.000 USD but wait until you see the final result!