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My name is Jesper Isaksen (born 1975), I'm a self-educated D.I.Y. film director, writer, editor, color grader and producer and the founder & owner of the independent Danish film company Bleed For This Picture. I was born and raised in Jutland but currently living in Copenhagen (Denmark) and have been for the past 20 years.

Bleed For This Picture is my 2nd company. My first company called 9mm Film spawned among others the short films NIMA, NO EXIT & NO EXIT 2 - RISE AGAINST.

NIMA, a home grown, low budget gangster film was shown at Danish National TV (DR1/DR2) in 2002 and launched my career in the Danish movie business and here I am, still going strong 18 years later down the road.

My third short piece NO EXIT was selected by Ridley & Tony Scott and Michael Fassbender as 1 out of 50 semifinalists amongst more than 15.000 contributions worldwide in the Global YouTube short film competition in 2012 called YourFilmFestival. The first prize was 500.000 USD.

In 2013 NO EXIT went on to participate in the biggest and most prestigious short film festival in Denmark "EKKO Shortlist" and went straight to the top 10 and stayed there for 11 consecutive weeks straight.

In 2014 NO EXIT 2 - RISE AGAINST also participated in "EKKO Shortlist" with a first place as the highest ranking. It went on to roam the top 10 in 13 consecutive weeks straight.

NO EXIT 2 - RISE AGAINST was later nominated in two categories "The Shortlist Award" and also "The Audience Award" at EKKO Shortlist Awards 2014.

From 2014-2019 both NO EXIT & NO EXIT 2 - RISE AGAINST were selected by several film festivals around the world and also won several awards. They will hopefully continue their festival run even though they have been around for quite a while.

At present time my 30-minute short comedy THE VISITOR premiered at Orlando Film festival in 2018 and also received a nomination for “Best Foreign Language Short Film”. It also got selected as part of the Official Selection at the BAFTA-qualifying short film festival Aesthetica Short Film Festival in 2019. It will continue its festival run for the rest of 2019 and by the end of the year hopefully reach participation in EKKO Shortlist Awards 2019 in Copenhagen/Denmark.

In the summer of 2018, I shot my first feature film VICTIM OF LOVE, a dense psychological and bloody yet stylish horror-thriller starring Danish power house actor Rudi Køhnke IMDB. It’s set to premiere in November 2019 at CPH PIX FILM FESTIVAL - more to come!


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